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Pave the way for a monetized podcast

You’re invited to watch a sample course from my 90-day coaching session called: Creating a Media Kit: A Podcaster’s Money Making Secret Weapon. 

This information packed workshop will take you through a successful formula on the packaging, the design, the pitch and tools to use, and will pave the way for all of the revenue opportunities you’ve been waiting for.

For a limited time, we’re only giving access to the first 50 people who are serious about getting started.

A well put together, strategic media kit is the best way to show off how serious you are about your work, your future partnerships, and what your podcast can offer – if done right.

Free access is expected to expire very quickly

Creating a podcast media kit will take some work on the front end, but letting me help you through the process of creating it can strengthen your brand and identify holes or weak points in your marketing strategy.

Instant access is only a click away:

Seats filled